Legal Document

Title: Narcotics Control Act-1990 (Amendment upto 2004)
Type: Law
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Home Affairs
Responsible Agency: Department of Narcotics control
Issuing Date: 02-01-1990
The government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Drug Controlling Act, 1990
Under this act, the National Drug Controlling Board will act as a monitoring body to control the impact of drug-abuse in society.
The Board will enact necessary laws and regulations with regards to the production, distribution, usage and control of drug and drug related products.
With a goal to mitigate the harmful impact of drugs, it will conduct research and perform surveys to collect information for later analysis. Also, it will conduct public campaigns to raise mass awareness.
Without a  permit and verified license from the NDCB, no one shall:
-          Establish distilleries or any breweries. 
-          Produce, process, carry, import, export, distribute, purchase, sale, preserve, display or use any alcohol products.
-          Use alcohol as an ingredient in other drug
-          Consume alcohol without the written prescription issued by the civil surgeon
Under this act, one can apply for a permit by, submitting the appropriate forms and fees to the NDBC.
If the applicant has a criminal record, s/he will not be granted a permit.
This act also dictates the establishment and operation of rehabilitation centers to mitigate the social impact of drugs.
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