Legal Document

Title: The Narcotics Control Rules, 1999
Type: Rules
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Home Affairs
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Home Affairs
Issuing Date: 22-07-1999

Bangladesh Gazette

Ministry of Home Affairs

The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh


Thursday, July 22, 1999




Narcotics Control Rules, 1999



In accordance with S.R.O No. 215 – Law/99 – Drug Control Rule, the Government has introduced following circular:


1 . Short title and application


( i ) It shall be called the rules of Narcotics Control Rules , 1999, shall be called .  ( ii ) It shall be applicable to drugs other than alcohol.


 2 . definition , unless the context otherwise requires , the bidhimalaya 


(A) " Act " means the Narcotics Control Act , 1990 ( Act 1990, Act No. 0 )


(B) " Certificate " means the certificate payable under Rule 4.


(C) " Products plant " means any drug that is used in the production of such a plant.


(D) " Form " means a form enclosed with this rule.


(E) " Prescribed " under Section 13 of the Act prescribes.


3. Import and export licenses drugs, etc. (i), narcotics, or plant products import or export license application may be in the form of -1.


(ii) Form II drugs, or plant products import or export licenses shall be provided.


4. Import and export of drugs clearance etc.


(i) The Director General or any officer authorized by him in this behalf by any drugs given without authority, or plant products shall be imported or exported.


(ii) Additional licenses shall be issued and paid under each of the 3 drugs, or plant products import or export shall be obtained prior clearance.


(iii) Approval of the application shall be in the form -1.




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